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Who We Are

We are a startup from Ibbenbüren that has turned our passion for software development into a profession. The We currently consists of Thimo Buchheister and Thorsten Brügge, who have been working together as software engineers for a long time and who decided in 2019 to make the world of digital processes accessible to everyone.

As CEO, Thimo Buchheister is currently primarily involved in the development of our ThreeNamic platform. With his many years of experience as a software engineer and in-depth knowledge of mobile and cloud development, software engineering, databases, blockchain and IT project management, he has an overview of the big picture and always keeps the company and our products at the forefront of current technologies.

As COO, Thorsten Brügge is our creative and communicative mind. He is responsible for the development of our products and is in constant contact with our customers and partners. With his experience in machine learning, he is also responsible for the automation of ThreeNamic's processes. Through his experience in industry and in sales, Thorsten has an important perspective on the necessary functionality of our products and advises our customers on all aspects of our products, projects and the company.


Our Vision

There are a number of software solutions on the market that support entrepreneurs in capturing the data necessary for their everyday work and making adjustments. Most of the offers have in common that the user has to submit to the procedures prescribed by the program or that the software only displays a snapshot.

Our vision is software that can be adapted to the needs of the user and that also accompanies and documents the entire process. We would also like to create the possibility of being able to access the processes from anywhere in order to enable modern and location-independent work. Today this is only possible if an entrepreneur can raise the necessary capital to have customized software programmed. With ThreeNamic, we want to give every entrepreneur - regardless of type and size - the opportunity to adapt a software solution to their needs. Our customers should concentrate on their core competencies and know that our software is the perfect digital partner by their side.

Our Mission

In many conversations we have heard that the digital developments in many companies are still in their infancy and that those responsible are facing major challenges. Most companies already have processes that have proven themselves over long periods of time. The introduction of new software is then not only the transfer of data to a new system, but in most cases also an adaptation of current processes to the processes specified by the new system.

We want to be the solution here. Our goal is to enable every company to become more efficient with the help of digitization. We enable the smallest start-up to the largest company to digitize all corporate processes on a global scale and thus work more effectively, transparently and securely.

Starting with training for customers and employees, the planning and organization of events or meetings, through the digitization of training and further education to the complete automation of critical company processes, with ThreeNamic we have the appropriate solution.

Meet Our Team

Strong team of experts in their fields

Meet our incredible team and learn more about our individual strength and espacially about our strength as a team. If you like us, think about joining our company.

About our customers

Our customers are companies that are looking for a software partner at your side for the digital implementation of their daily work. As such a partner, we offer solutions that can be perfectly adapted to the needs and always guarantee accessibility and transparency from anywhere.