Digital transformation in small businesses

In our private everyday life, digitalization has long been an integral part of it. We stream movies instead of going to the video library. We buy without leaving the house. We send messages without using paper. Young people have grown up with digital technology and can no longer do without it. But even though digitalization is changing our world and offering unimagined opportunities, many companies have not yet jumped on this bandwagon. But why have so many companies missed out on digitalization? There are a lot of new business models, products and services on the market.

Automation of business processes

The digital transformation is far from as advanced as it would fit with the current state of affairs. In many companies, the degree of digitization is far from the current potential and so – especially in back-end processes – many opportunities are wasted. A study takes a closer look at the reasons and problems that come with digital transformation. Half of the business processes are handled manuallyThe study "You're Working TOO Hard – Using Intelligent Automation to Save Time, Money, and Effort" provides good reasons for companies to push forward the digitization of their own processes. The decisive factor for this is above all automation and, of course, the digital transformation of the back-end processes in companies. Data volumes present companies with problemsMore than 60% of the information in companies is unstructured. This inevitably leads to the failure of many processes – currently in half of all cases. In the next 24 months alone, the amount of data that companies of all sizes will face will quadruple.

ThreeB IT - Technologies

In this blog, I'd like to introduce you to a few technologies to give you an insight into how and what we're working on. As a developer, a programenvironment is essential, it is our workbench where we manufacture our product with our tools (in our case technologies). We've selected Microsoft's Visual Studio. It is easy to use and meets all our requirements to create our project.