Windows Terminal (Part 2) – Üoverview

Microsoft has already announced the Windows Terminal for the 2019 Microsoft Build Conference and has released this year's Build 1.0. The project is open source and can be found on GitHub. Windows Terminal provides a modern command-line application for Windows 10 users. It includes a tab interface that allows users to switch between different terminals from the same window. You can run CMD, PowerShell, Windows subsystem for Linxus distros, Azure Cloud Shell and other executable command lines/shells in Windows Terminal. The application not only allows multiple tabs, but you can also have the different command lines opened side by side. You also have access to a number of different configuration and customization options.

Windows Terminal (Part 1) – Classification

With the release of Windows Terminal 1.0, a very nice, adaptable tool is now publicly available and usable for everyone. In the version in which the Windows Terminal is shipped, the layout is still very expandable, and I would like to show you in the course of this series how to change this. But first of all, a classification of what a terminal is exactly. Terminal != Console != ShellConsole and Terminal are closely connected, historically the terminal is a device with which the console can be operated. In the early days of Unix, this meant a teleprinter-style device that resembled a typewriter, sometimes referred to as a teletypewriter, or "tty" for short.