Home-Office – Well and?!

As a modern software company, mobile working has long since become part of our everyday lives. Whether we are sitting on the couch in the hotel, on the train or at home - we can work from anywhere. In the past, German companies have been able to avoid digitisation and the modernisation of jobs. But due to the current Corona crisis, all industries need to rethink and deal with new ways of working. Many have freely pushed aside the topic according to the motto "This is how it has always worked" or "In our industry this is not possible." and only considered the cost factor. Now they are in a situation that no one expected: a pandemic has broken out. Now it no longer works "as always" and in order to survive this time an alternative has to be found. For a long time now, coworking spaces and home office have not only suited hip start-ups, but also solid companies of all sizes. And that doesn't just mean office work.

Silicon Valley - the IT capital?

One of the most famous street signs in the world, Facebook in Silicon Valley. But it's not just Facebook that's here. Among the most well-known companies here are the technology companies Google, AMD, Apple, Cisco, Intel, Hewlett&Packard, Nvidia and Tesla, but also software companies such as Adobe, eBay, Electronic Arts, Facebook, WhatsApp and Yahoo.