ThreeB IT wins Copernicus Hackathon

On Monday, ThreeB IT GmbH took first place at the Copernicus Hackathon with its idea of an app to improve the parking situation on motorways for truck drivers. The Copernicus Hackathon was carried out by Pioneers on behalf of the European Commission. The ThreeB IT team has been able to assert itself with a mobile application that allows truck drivers to better assess the parking situation on motorway rest areas and parking lots. This is made possible by using the saddle data provided by the Copernicus program. The aim is to avoid parking problems and lorries parked illegally in driveways, thus also preventing accidents. Yesterday's closing event was opened with a keynote speech by Tomas S. Jonsson, representing the European Commission.

ThreeNamic Learn - Digital Learning Platform

Yesterday, the first eLearning course was successfully launched as the first preview version. Despite the platform still in beta phase, the course has been able to start technically without any major problems and the participants are very satisfied in large parts. The contents were provided by our innovation partner "Health & Bits", so that the course for mandatory further training in care was also well positioned in terms of content. We hope that after this successful start many more courses can take place in various areas and thus replace unnecessary practice dates.

Windows Terminal (Part 2) – Üoverview

Microsoft has already announced the Windows Terminal for the 2019 Microsoft Build Conference and has released this year's Build 1.0. The project is open source and can be found on GitHub. Windows Terminal provides a modern command-line application for Windows 10 users. It includes a tab interface that allows users to switch between different terminals from the same window. You can run CMD, PowerShell, Windows subsystem for Linxus distros, Azure Cloud Shell and other executable command lines/shells in Windows Terminal. The application not only allows multiple tabs, but you can also have the different command lines opened side by side. You also have access to a number of different configuration and customization options.

Windows Terminal (Part 1) – Classification

With the release of Windows Terminal 1.0, a very nice, adaptable tool is now publicly available and usable for everyone. In the version in which the Windows Terminal is shipped, the layout is still very expandable, and I would like to show you in the course of this series how to change this. But first of all, a classification of what a terminal is exactly. Terminal != Console != ShellConsole and Terminal are closely connected, historically the terminal is a device with which the console can be operated. In the early days of Unix, this meant a teleprinter-style device that resembled a typewriter, sometimes referred to as a teletypewriter, or "tty" for short.

Microsoft Build – The Highlights

This year's Microsoft Build Conference was special because it was a digital-only event because of the Corona Pandemic. Nevertheless, in my view, the conference was a great success and worked well. Even if you can't replace networking, partying together and exchanging ideas with the experts on the ground. At least the latter microsoft got along well with the bookable 1:1 session and I was able to use this extensively. Nevertheless, I hope that next year we will be able to be back on site, and that we will be able to have more intensive discussions with the numerous partners than was possible this year. But now to my highlights:.Net & Visual Studio.NET MAUI.NET MAUI (short for multi-platform app UI) is a further development of the Xamarin.Forms toolkit.

Mozilla's Video Conferencing Services Report

Videoconferencing services are currently very popular, as Mozilla has taken the opportunity to check 15 services for security and data sharing.12 of the 15 services have met the designated "Minimum Security Standard". The following were examined for encryption, security updates, password security, vulnerability management and privacy policies. For example, Mozilla wants to help the end user choose a suitable app. The following services have been reviewed by Mozilla: Zoom, Google Hangouts, Apple FaceTime, FaceBook Messenger, WhatsApp, Jitsi Meet, Signal, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, Cisco WebEx, HouseParty, Discord and Doxy. The latter three are those which did not meet the minimum standard. Pros and consThe pros and cons of each service has been listed by Mozilla, where user reviews can also be added. In addition, Mozilla has published what they consider to be the most important findings in a blog.

You never learn

Before you start working in the world of work, you are interested in knowing, taking exams and learning all the time. But should you stop doing your job? No! In this day and age, it is more important than ever to continue to train. The world is constantly changing, so do the people on it and their work. So in order to be successful as a human being, one should always learn to develop further.

Digital transformation in small businesses

In our private everyday life, digitalization has long been an integral part of it. We stream movies instead of going to the video library. We buy without leaving the house. We send messages without using paper. Young people have grown up with digital technology and can no longer do without it. But even though digitalization is changing our world and offering unimagined opportunities, many companies have not yet jumped on this bandwagon. But why have so many companies missed out on digitalization? There are a lot of new business models, products and services on the market.


So everyone can help save livesMake their own contribution to Corona research? With Folding@home, a scientific project, everyone can make their contribution with their own PC. We want to explain to you more what this means for you and your hardware. Stanford University has been running the Folding@home project for about 20 years. It uses the hardware of private Pcs for research. Since the Corona virus, the project has been in more demand than ever before.

Crazy Coding vs. Lagerkoller

Next Thursday, March 26, 2020, our friends will be hosting an "Quarantined Coding" on Twitch at Telerik. We have decided to support our colleagues in this and we are delighted to see anyone who is also watching or participating. The Telerik developers will split into teams to see who can create the craziest/most silly/nonsensical app to make the work from home fun. How it will work The Progress Developer Advocates are divided into two teams: Team cabin: TJ VanToll & Sam Basu vs. Team Fever: Alyssa Nicoll & Ed Charbeneau. Each team has four hours to create an app live on Twitch - with any language and framework they want - to make working from home fun. The crazier the app, the better.