ThreeB IT - Technologies

In this blog, I'd like to introduce you to a few technologies to give you an insight into how and what we're working on. As a developer, a programenvironment is essential, it is our workbench where we manufacture our product with our tools (in our case technologies). We've selected Microsoft's Visual Studio. It is easy to use and meets all our requirements to create our project.

Silicon Valley - the IT capital?

One of the most famous street signs in the world, Facebook in Silicon Valley. But it's not just Facebook that's here. Among the most well-known companies here are the technology companies Google, AMD, Apple, Cisco, Intel, Hewlett&Packard, Nvidia and Tesla, but also software companies such as Adobe, eBay, Electronic Arts, Facebook, WhatsApp and Yahoo.

AWS summit

In Berlin, we were guests at aws SUMMIT, a conference of Amazon, on February 26. There was some information about aws products. The four main topics discussed were machine learning, Internet of Things, Database Migration and Security, all topics that are very topical and therefore we did not want to miss.