AWS summit

After a 5 hour drive we arrived on site and a friendly location awaited us in which it was fun to move. In the hall and outside the lecture halls there were stands of companies that presented themselves there, they were mostly partners or work with the aws technologies. Talking to a lot of people there is always very interesting because you learn a lot and also get to know new people with whom you stay in touch afterwards and maybe even work together, a very nice thing as I think. The food there was by the way very good, besides various cold and hot dishes there was outside on the premises a currywurst cart with sharp (so really spicy) sauces where you could check its sharpness resistance, a nice change between all the information. Of course, we still had the return journey ahead of us, but it was more than worth it, that we can claim in a closed way. In this sense, always stay up-to-date.

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