Digital transformation in small businesses

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In our private life, digitization has long since become an integral part of our private life. We stream movies instead of going to the video library. We buy without leaving the house. We send messages without using paper. Young people have grown up with digital technology and can no longer do without it.
But even though digitalization is changing our world and offering unimagined opportunities, many companies have not yet jumped on this bandwagon.

But why have so many companies missed out on digitalization?

There is a lot of new business models, products and services on the market. New technologies are forcing companies to become more flexible and agile. Business processes need to be optimized at ever shorter intervals. A process-oriented digitalization strategy brings many advantages to companies. But unlike in everyday life, you are not automatically informed about what is currently on offer. So how can we face up to the ever-increasing challenge?

Quite simply - not alone!

There are now many solutions on the market for every problem, every process and every service. However, small companies rarely have the capacity to inform themselves on their own, in order to work their way through all the offers. In addition to the question of costs, you also have to deal with the products themselves. Not every service offered turns a fax into a mail or a process management system from the table. Nevertheless, there is certainly something for everyone. This allows even small businesses to remain competitive without having to spend a lot of money on individual software.

In order to get an overview and to reposition yourself, you should first get the right consultant in the house. In addition to the large IT system houses, there are also numerous small start-ups and sole proprietors who offer such advice without breaking the budget at the outset.

But what exactly does such an adviser do?

Once the right consultant is found, the first interview will first talk about the company's wish and presentation. You should start with the little things, such as setting up home office places properly. It is not yet possible to say whether these will be implemented in exactly the same way at this stage. However, it helps the assessor to get an idea of the overall situation. Now many questions have to be asked: What can be digitized in a meaningful way in the company? What do you start with? In what steps will digitalization be carried out? How much are they cost? What are the risks?
In order to be able to answer all these questions, the consultant will accompany and monitor the company in its day-to-day business. From the collected answers, a strategy is now being developed together, with which the company is able (at best independently) to carry out the digitization step by step. Of course, there is always the possibility that the consultant will be available to accompany him.

Even the little things make the work easier!

At the end of the day, every company should be able to take a step into digitalisation. Even if many things seem far too big at first, even small things - like a properly set up email client - make everyday work much easier. The only important thing is to take the step and be open to new technologies. The current crisis shows us all that digitalization is important for every company and that it is time to go down the road.

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