Google Cloud Next 19 in San Francisco

After an 11.5 hour flight from Munich to San Francisco, we picked up our rental car and drove directly to the city to pick up our badges for the conference. For me it was the first time USA and therefore I was completely amazed when we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge to our quasi workplace for the next few days. An incredible city with countless facets, for anyone who has never been there was definitely a good tip, but more about the city in another blog. Early in the morning we drove to the site and entered the building for the first time. A huge area full of exhibitors who promote their products and offer fun games. This area was in the basement, above were many rooms in the sessions held to which one could go if they fit into your own interest. Taking all the sessions with you is impossible, there are just too many and they also run paralell. A list of all the sessions can be found here:

On the last day, the Production Innovation Keynote took place, in which some new products were introduced by Google, together with major partners like UPS or the Golden State Warriors, a video about it can be found here:

It was an experience you will never forget and I'm happy to be a part of it. I hope I can participate more often in such events, very gladly also in the USA.

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