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Before starting into the world of work, you can get used to know, take exams and learn constantly. But should you stop doing your job? No!

In this day and age, it is more important than ever to continue to train. The world is constantly changing, so do the people on it and their work. So in order to be successful as a human being, one should always learn to develop further. It brings great advantages to be up-to-date and therefore you should always inform and know your way around your area.

As developers, we are constantly learning  new techniques that make our work easier and improve our performance. Only in this way can we be consistent on the market and offer a good product. But also in other areas and industries there are always interesting innovations that you should know when working in this area.

You never learn as a human being, but due to the current situation it is difficult to develop between people. That is why this aspect is not so much taken into account in this article.

Of course, there are not only work-related things to learn, many people currently have a lot of time that they could probably be better used. The offer is huge, no matter what you are looking for. Learning a new language? Cooking? Or an instrument? No problem at all. On the Internet there are numerous platforms that allow you to train without having to leave the house. You decide to do something and find endless offers on platforms like YouTube, Udemy and others. There are plenty of vendors for pretty much everything you can imagine.

We also use the time to learn new techniques, for example, but we can also get certifications online. For example, you can complete courses at Microsoft Learn and get certified for it afterwards. To come out of the Corona crisis with such success is a good feeling and will take us forward.

Use your time and take a change from Netflix and Co., you'll have something to help you personal and/or privately afterwards. Since it is up to you whether, how and when you do this, you have no pressure, neither temporally nor in terms of work. It's just a good way to learn something about it.

Small tip: Many providers of learning courses or certifications currently offer free offers due to Covid-19, so anyone who is motivated can easily and free of charge.

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