ThreeNamic is in the Works with YubiKey program

Works with YubiKey program by Yubico. This makes our secure 2-factor authentication platform certified with Yubico's hardware keys and allows you to use them to secure the login. In addition to the YubiKeys, we also support many other FIDO2 hardware for authentication. In addition, we also offer 2-factor authentication via app and SMS.

Hardware Keys

YubiKeys are like a key - you can think of it as a house key. but digital and much more powerful. This digital house key can look like a USB stick and can be used via NFC and Bluetooth. However, it can also be integrated directly into your device, so you don't have to carry anything special.

You might assume that your passwords are stored in this key, but it's not really true. The key uses cryptography with public/private keys instead of shared secrets (passwords), and your private key never leaves the device.

Never use passwords is one of the most important value propositions behind FIDO2. While this makes life much easier (much fewer calls from family technical support?), it also makes you and your business much safer, as most IT breaches and hacks are caused by leaked passwords or phishing attacks, eliminating FIDO2 .


FIDO2 / WebAuthn is a new open authentication standard supported by browsers and many large technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, etc. The main driver is to allow a user to log on without passwords and create passwordless flows or a strong MFA for user login/login sites. The default is not limited to Web applications that support Active Directory and native apps. The technology builds on public/private keys and enables authentication without sharing a secret between user and platform. This brings many benefits, such as simpler and more secure logins, and makes phishing attempts extremely difficult.

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