AWS summit

By Dennis Horstkamp gravatar

In Berlin we visited the aws SUMMIT on February 26th, a conference of Amazon. There was some information about aws products. The four main topics that were discussed were Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Database Migration and Security, all topics that are very topical and that we did not want to miss.

After 5 hours driving we arrived on site and expected a friendly arranged location in which it was fun to move. In the hall and outside the auditorium booths were built by companies presented there, these were mostly partners or work with the aws technologies. It is always very interesting to talk there with many people because you learn a lot and also get to know new people with whom you will stay in contact and maybe even work together, a very nice thing in my opinion. The food there was very good by the way, in addition to various cold and warm dishes there was outside on the premises a currywurst carts with spicy (so spicy) sauces where you could check its sharpness resistance, a nice change between the whole information. Of course we had the return journey ahead of us, but it was more than worth it, that we can claim closed. In this sense, always stay up to date.