Silicon Valley - the IT capital?

By Dennis Horstkamp gravatar

One of the most famous street signs in the world, Facebook in Silicon Valley. But not only Facebook is here ansäßig. Among the best known companies here include the technology companies Google, AMD, Apple, Cisco, Intel, Hewlett & Packard, Nvidia and Tesla, but also software companies such as Adobe, eBay, Electronic Arts, Facebook, WhatsApp and Yahoo.

These companies have made Silicon Valey a stronghold for the IT and high-tech industry. That's why Deutsche Telekom, Daimler AG, IBM, Microsoft, Netflix, Volkswagen and many other large companies also settled there. Even research centers from NASA or the Mentak Research Institute are represented there. With sales of € 180 billion across 7,000 companies, no IT cluster is as successful globally as Silicon Valley. We visited it ourselves on our trip to get an impression. If you drive into the Silicon Valley pure, it seems like a small suburb, no high-rise buildings, the country is enough that builds each small building but everyone has virtually their own area in Silicon Valley. This is how you see different streets for a few streets Google signs for buildings that are spread over a huge area, they have their own little village. You can visit the Google Park, you can just park at Google and take pictures with the Android characters or just stroll through the company's own park. Facebook, on the other hand, did not have more to offer than this picture shown above, but unfortunately it is not allowed on the site. The visitor center of Apple, however, was as Apple known, beautifully designed and an inside and out experience. Unfortunately, you could not visit the Apple Park (the famous round building), it was possible to view the entire area digitally on an iPad. But not just a video, it was a table with different contours, this was scanned with the iPad camera and you could make the tour to your own wishes interactive and experience. Also, NASA has a visitor center, this was unfortunately rebuilt to our stay, but we could still see something and visit the shop. Since most visitors are IT and tech enthusiasts, the Computer Science Museum is still highly recommended, a super-structured museum with good content and exhibits. We spent about a day in Silicon Valley and we can safely say Silicon Valley is the capital of IT and high tech. It's like a city just for it, people live their work here without it being stressful or exhausting. A great place that deserves its success.