ThreeB IT Technologies

By Dennis Horstkamp gravatar

In this blog I would like to introduce you to a few technologies to give you an idea of how and with what we work. As a developer, a programming environment is inevitable; it is our workbench where we manufacture our product using our tools (in our case technologies). We chose Microsoft's Visual Studio. It is easy to use and meets all the requirements we have to make our project.

As core languages for programming we use C # and JavaScript, two very powerful languages with which you can do pretty much anything, for special cases you can of course still resort to other languages. Our employees are currently very excited about Xamarin, so you can create cross-platform apps for iOS, Android and UWP. The whole thing is written once in C # and Xamarin translates it so that in the end a project offers three native apps, a very cool thing that will surely gain more popularity in the future. The Xamarin apps are cloud based, which brings us to our next point, the right vendor to run their apps cloud-based. At first, we just worked with AKS, a product from Microsoft that makes it possible to create clusters and run them in a virtual machine. But not so dependent on us, we're also currently heavily involved with GKE, Google's equivalent, so you can run an application in both environments and be broader. As a small tool, there are nuggets or features, but also programs that we use to make the work more efficient. Postman to manage API queries, JSON to process data or SQL to store data. JetBrains products are also very popular with us. It is important for everyone to choose their tools, they help us to do our job faster and better, but every developer has to know for himself what works best for him and what suits his needs. I hope you could get a small impression of how we work, I think it is always very exciting to know such a thing. In addition, we see that we like to use new technologies and that is certainly always good in the market to remain competitive and to offer the end user a top product.