With the trusted solutions of Google Cloud, we can use the technologies of tomorrow today. The startup program offers us a big benefit in terms of know-how and marketing.



Segment's marketing, analytics, and data warehouse tools allow us to collect data in a structured way that prepares you for statistical analysis. So it is possible for us to give our customers the best possible advice.



MongoDB Startup Accelerator gives us access to MongoDB Atlas. This allows us to leverage one of the largest fully managed global cloud databases. Automated scaling makes it possible to use the database for both small and large projects.



As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, we have joined an international community that allows us to make contacts and gain insights, tools, resources and programs. Thus, we are always in the development of the latest technology available.



Bitkom is the digital association of Germany, which represents more than 2,600 companies in the digital economy. Thanks to our membership, we are always informed about current topics and discussions and know what customers want.



Through the Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft we benefit from Germany's largest entrepreneurial network. Around 300 regional branches throughout Germany link medium-sized companies. We take advantage of this in terms of networking and exchange of experience.