ThreeNamic as a kit

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Product tailored to the customer

With ThreeNamic we offer our users the possibility to adapt the software to your needs. All processes, tables, data even buttons are customizable. In addition, functions, automations and user behavior can be defined on demand. This makes it possible to configure ThreeNamic specifically for the desired application area. If a flow changes or another table is needed, you can quickly and easily adjust the corresponding area of the platform without hiring an external one. Of course, support is always available to help customers.

Freely configurable data compilation

Thanks to the modern programming of ThreeNamic, we offer the possibility to define dependencies between the data itself. Our customers are not bound by predetermined parameters, but can determine for themselves which data is needed and displayed at which point.

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layout styles

Freely configurable data acquisition

We also want to make data collection as simple and efficient as possible for our customers. An individual solution is also available to ensure that unnecessary data is not queried. With a Form Designer, the necessary data fields can be compiled and stored for the respective process step.

We're not the only ones excited happy thrilled about ThreeNamic...

ThreeNamic is built by our incredible team with the help of our friends and partners.