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Data importshould also be easy for enterprise customers with complex requirements. Create a collaborative workspace with your customer in minutes and import data from any data source.

A typical onboarding cycle can include dozens of customer files with versions, comments, and owners. In Flatfile, all of this is unified into a single view with status, stakeholders, and next steps to ensure that you always have the latest version of customer data.

ThreeB IT's AI-based platform automatically balances data columns and performs advanced validation logic to ensure that messy customer tables are converted into clean, ready-to-use data.

Tired of endless Excel workbooks overloading your dashboard? With all the data available in a single workspace, data management is simple and straightforward. In addition, ThreeNamic performs an automated transformation to make data correction fast and painless.

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Stop sharing spreadsheets by e-mail to stakeholders. By creating a protected, authenticated workspace for each customer, you ensure that employees get a shared view of all their data and can easily import more files. ThreeNamic protects data with advanced encryption and removes customer data once successfully imported

ThreeNamic supports all major industrial formats and thus supports you in the processing of your own data and data of your customers. The platform is SOC2 and HIPAA compatible. If you have specific compliance requirements, let us know!

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ThreeNamic is built by our incredible team with the help of our friends and partners.