Compliance with all data protection regulations (GDPR)

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force on 25 May 2018. The GDPR entails some changes in order data processing, which is known as order data processing under the previous Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). The aim of the GDPR is to standardise and update the processing of personal data.

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ThreeB IT and the GDPR

As a provider of software that processes company data, data security and compliance with the legal requirements are of course our top priority at ThreeB IT. We have developed our products with the GDPR in mind. For example, we have simplified the procedures for handling, modifying and deleting user data. With all the changes, you can be sure that our high quality standards remain unchanged and that we have also brought external experts on board for the implementation.

Technical and organizational measures (TOMs)

TOM is the abbreviation for technical and organizational measures. For software companies such as ThreeB IT, these measures are of course nothing new, but with the GDPR, this TOM data protection is gaining in importance. Some of these are known from the existing BDSG. For all ThreeNamic users, we have now made our TOM privacy policy freely available in our privacy policy.

Excerpt of our most important measures under the GDPR:

  • We have examined all ThreeNamic functions with regard to the current data protection requirements and have made changes to the settings of the user data.
  • We conduct regular penetration testing to examine our software, API, and infrastructure for vulnerabilities and to fill potential gaps from external attacks.
  • With regard to the GDPR, we have reviewed all subcontractors and questioned the extent to which these partnerships enable a long-term, data protection-compliant setup.
  • To ensure a stable, privacy-compliant delivery of our services and optimize performance in the future, we have decided to use the infrastructure at Microsoft Azure. Here, we have chosen Germany for our European customers in order to meet all data protection requirements.
  • All employees who come into contact with customer data receive regular internal and external data protection training in order to be constantly sensitized to the topic of data protection.
  • We have also initiated a certification process, including for the "TÜV Certified Data Protection" seal.
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Sign our data processing contract

In order to implement the processing of data on your behalf in accordance with data protection and to comply with the contractual relationship between you and ThreeB IT to the legal requirements, we as a processor are obliged to conclude a corresponding contract for order processing (short: ADV) with all clients. This ADV can be found in our privacy policy. Via the download button you can digitally sign and download the ADV. There you will also find our TOMs as a system for your ADV.

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