Data security in the cloud

More and more companies are relying on IT solutions from the cloud. It is perfectly understandable that such an approach can increase the work performance enormously in many areas. This also applies to process management systems such as ThreeNamic. But it is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to worry about the security of the data stored there. After all, all too often in the news there is talk of problems. One in three companies in Germany has already seen attacks on their IT infrastructure. German smimmer semity is increasingly becoming the focus of cyber espionage and data thieves. Thus, the questions about data security are more topical than ever.

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Which data are affected?

A comprehensive and effective process management software is fed with a whole range of quite sensitive company data. Finally, process management can be used for many, sometimes sensitive areas of the company. This gives the system access to purchasing and sales conditions, employee and customer data and supports all employees in their daily work. Through the central processing of process data processing, the resources of a company can be pooled and thus strengthened. It is important that companies should first be aware of the benefits and possibilities of a process management system and whether such a system is worthwhile for their own company. However, it must be said that all companies of a certain size benefit from such a solution, as a much more structured and thus more efficient division of work and resources can take place within a company. It is important that companies learn to use the data effectively from the start. But why not use such a system locally, but switch to cloud solutions?

Working in the cloud

Own IT systems with their own servers in their own locations not only cause direct costs, but also a large amount of time and personnel. These are often enormous cost factors, which companies can only pay in the rarest of cases and only from a certain size. The solutions from the cloud are often extremely adapted to the needs of the companies and can also be secured very well. This provides power and performance in a comprehensive software solution where maintenance, backup, and control are outsourced. However, this does not mean that the data would be absolutely secure. To solve this problem, ThreeNamic offers, among other things, a constant security update and the possibility to fine-tune the access permissions to the data.

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Important points about data protection in Germany

As part of the recast of the General Data Protection Regulation, there were also some regulations that, among other things, concerned cloud storage and could have an impact on the selection of the appropriate systems. As can be read in the recast GDPR, it can be problematic if the location of the cloud server does not meet certain specifications and regulations. For this reason, we offer our customers the cloud servers in Germany as a location for our software. This is the only way for companies to ensure in the long term that both their own decisions and the security of company data are not compromised and comply with legal requirements. Choosing a suitable process management cloud can make a significant contribution to further company success.

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