Paperless office

In many companies, a large part of communication is already digital. However, there are often still many areas that have still not arrived in the online age. There is no reason to hold onto the paper.

Even invoices and other official or legally relevant documents can now be created, sent and managed digitally without any problems. The paperless office is therefore not a fad, but a sustainable, sensible measure for every company.

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Access to the data

In paper-based offices, older documents in particular are often stored in archives in the basement or in the attic. In large companies in particular, it is usually difficult to reach these places at all. Especially for colleagues with disabilities, it is practically impossible to get the information they need.

And who doesn't know the problem: Older receipts - especially receipts - fade over time and become illegible. Or you just can't decipher a colleague's handwritten notes.

These problems are a thing of the past when the documents are digitally available. You get access to all documents and in case of doubt from anywhere in the world. Employees with visual impairments can also read the documents on special screens, which would not be possible with a paper document.


Printing the documents and, in the worst case, e-mails, regularly incur high costs for paper, toner, and the purchase and maintenance of printers. In addition, there are the costs for the other materials such as folders, back plates and separating sheets, which are needed for the organization of the documents.

As a follow-up cost, the costs for the archive rooms and shelves will also be incurred. In larger companies, this is sometimes a significant cost, as the documents have to be kept for 10 years.

These costs and the storage space are completely eliminated in the paperless office.

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After you have gained access to the archive room, the search for the right folder starts under the multitude of possibilities. When you have found the folder, the search is usually not over: you also have to find the correct document in the folder and possibly cross-references in other folders.

This type of research is very complex and, above all, time-consuming and therefore also causes high costs. In digitized documents and data sets, you can easily find everything you need for your current work by searching for full text. And this is convenient and easy from any workplace.

Environment and health

When using a laser printer in the office, you have to be aware that the device eproduces toxic toner particles and particulate matter. This can damage health - in the meantime, there are even cases of incapacity for work that result from it. So if you can do without using your printer, you are doing yourself and your colleagues a great health favor!

In addition, with economical printing, CO2 emissions are also reduced and raw materials (paper/wood) can still be saved. This environmental awareness is well received by customers and has a positive effect on their own image!

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Data security

Not every employee needs access to all data. With the help of digitalization, access to information can be individually adapted to the needs of employees or departments. In addition, data cannot be deleted by mistake, as modern management solutions allow it to be removed only by selected colleagues – and in an emergency, unlike a file shredder, everything can be restored as long as you are entitled.

In addition to data security in terms of access restrictions and data loss, the digital solution also provides physical security. If your own archive is set on fire or destroyed by a storm, there is little chance of saving the information. This can quickly lead to immense damage to the company. By digitally storing data in the cloud, data is securely available in multiple regions.

Maximum flexibility

With the availability of data in the cloud, it is possible to work with your own data anytime, anywhere in the world. This makes it very easy and quick, for example, to set up a home office for individual employees or entire departments. This is a great advantage for young families, who do not always have the possibility of childcare and still do not want to lose their connection to the company.

This also allows executives to access the data and prepare meetings or simply go through company data outside of regular office hours.

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Better customer support

The constant organized access to your own data also offers the opportunity to optimize your own customer service. This allows field workers to access the data on the go or even directly on site at the customer's premises and are thus always in the topic and meaningful even in complicated processes.

And if the company offers a 24-hour emergency hotline, so your colleagues are always in the picture at night and can help quickly and competently. This has a positive effect on the customer relationship and is therefore another plus point.

Personnel planning

When everything is properly archived, even semi-edited incidents can be found quickly and by accessing the entire process, an emergency representative can quickly get involved. Because very often in the case of spontaneous illnesses, colleagues in the paper office have to struggle to get through the files.

The time savings can also have a positive impact on employee satisfaction as they are under less pressure. This allows colleagues to concentrate on their core competencies without being distracted by the flood of paper.

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In the case of a central data archive, you can also use the access authorizations to form an international team with the branch offices or external consultants. This opens up completely new possibilities that can be done without the exchange of extensive correspondence and large amounts of data.

In addition to international team building, central data management also has advantages for its own customers. This makes it easy to create transparency by giving customers access to certain areas, so that the orders can be viewed and, if necessary, even managed. Or you can give the customer an overview of the production processes and thus gain planning security for the customer, as the customer can be informed about exceptions quickly and transparently.

It is also easy to integrate partners and agencies via data sharing without having to send data carriers. All this saves a lot of time and money.

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