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User administration

Whether flat or steep company hierarchy, usually not all employees should have access to all data. In addition, there are often processes that are only handled by a certain group in the company. To ensure that an employee sees only relevant information, various settings can be made via ThreeNamic's user management. You decide for yourself which employee is allowed to see what. This provides a good overview on the one hand, as only relevant options are displayed and on the other hand for security. Each sequence, action, and function can be assigned to roles created by yourself. By assigning these roles, ThreeNamic is reduced to exactly these permissions for the individual user.

Customer management

To give your customers some transparency about your processes, you can give them insight, or even access to ThreeNamic. Of course, your customers shouldn't be able to see all the company's data or even edit it. This is ensured by a special customer management system. Similar to user management, you can also configure in detail what the customer can see for processes. This allows you to create the necessary transparency and the customer is able to see a status himself. This saves annoying communication with the subject "What is the current state of play here?" and awakens confidence in your company.

If you want to work even more closely with your customers, customer management gives you the ability to define roles in ThreeNamic that allow you to share certain actions. For example, a customer can create orders in your processes, which you only have to accept in order to add them to your processes. Or a customer wants to add a comment or customize an order in one step, if you have activated this function, this is possible without having to contact you. This not only saves you valuable time and creates transparency, but also minimizes input errors due to long communication channels and data transmissions.

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