Reduction of IT administration

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As a software-as-a-service (SaaS for short), ThreeNamic is at home in the cloud and runs directly in a browser of your choice. This means that your IT doesn't have to worry about annoying hardware and software installations or updates. The maintenance of the platform and the associated maintenance work are taken over by us in cooperation with the cloud provider.

In addition, our goal is to make the management of the platform as simple and intuitive as possible. This allows every user to configure ThreeNamic after a short training. So no employee with deep IT skills is needed here. If the managing employee does not know any further, he can first look at the instructions and videos about ThreeNamic in the help section before contacting the IT or support. If a function or a work step is not described, the FAQ can be added directly to a help article. This ensures that you don't have to ask for IT repeatedly.

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We're not the only ones excited happy thrilled about ThreeNamic...

ThreeNamic is built by our incredible team with the help of our friends and partners.