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Whether for a specific purpose or for the weekly overview. We offer the possibility to create reports at any point. The user is free to decide whether the report is generated once or is to be generated automatically every week. The compilation of the data can also be determined by itself. It is possible to use existing tables, but also the completely new compilation of different data.


Our flexible customizable dashboard provides an overview of all data relevant to the user. About the latest sales, current user numbers, new order or whatever is relevant for the user's business. In addition, we offer the possibility to adjust the data displayed on the dashboard according to the user.

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Threenamic also offers the possibility to generate and export graphs for better display as many of the programs Excel are used to. Here, too, the user is free to use existing tables or to create his own graphs.


With the integration of maps, we offer the user the possibility to visualize location information. In addition to simple map representations or directions, the tracking of company vehicles or tracking shipments can also be implemented with appropriate technology.

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